How to make money online in Ghana: Over GHS200/day

How to make money online in Ghana

Ghana’s economy is always getting tough and tougher. No jobs for the youths and even graduates. Making money by leveraging our traditional system isn’t easy. Therefore, we need other means like the internet to make money online in Ghana — and that’s probably why you’re looking for ways on how to make money online in Ghana.

So, are you a student looking for ways to make money online in Ghana using just your mobile phone in order to pay your school fees or need money? Or unemployed graduate looking for ways to establish yourself online to make money? Or just looking for online opportunities to make quick money online in Ghana?

Or you’re desperate to start an online business in Ghana to make passive income? To continue to make money online in Ghana over and over again?

For whatever reason stated above, this article has got you covered and even beyond that scope. And if you really go by everything or parts of the ways discussed that best describes your needs — you should be making a full-time income online in Ghana.

But you’re not going to leverage these make money online ways to make quick money online. NO. I can’t waste my precious time recommending make-money quick schemes, which in real cases don’t exist. And you can stop reading because there’s nothing in this article like making money quickly online in Ghana. You’ll only lose the little money you have to scammers with that mentality.

However, the aim of publishing this article is to help you establish an online business in Ghana to make money in passive income. So that you can live the life you always dream of. This is a long article, so you can use the table of content below to navigate through it.

Legit ways on how to make money online in Ghana

1. Make money blogging

To establish an online business in Ghana that makes money, blogging is one of the ways to make money in a passive income online in Ghana.

Blogging is a way of writing and publishing unique content or articles onto a website ( blog ) on the web to reflect a particular field of knowledge usually termed as a niche. Niche is the general field in which your blog is based. Thus if your blog is all about traveling, then your blog is in the “travel niche”. And it’s the same if your blog is based on trending news. Your niche should be an area you’re more interested in and can write more articles about.

There are more opportunities in blogging when it comes to money-making. And there are no limits as to how much to earn with your blog. The amount earned is dependent on the blogger through the quality of content, consistency, and traffic the blog generates every month.

But the mistake most Ghanaian bloggers make is to start a blog in the news niche to monetize with AdSense to make money. That’s what most of them know especially the newbies. But blogging is beyond that. And if you really want to make money blogging, choose a niche other than news to write articles of more quality content recommending other people’s products.

Consistency is the key to making money blogging. If you choose to publish one article every day, week or month, retain that and make sure to target low competition keywords — to rank well on Google to get consistent organic traffic. But most news niche bloggers don’t do keyword research hence affecting their earnings. They mostly depend on social media traffic. There are several ways to make money with a blog but we shall discuss only a few.

Different ways to make money with a blog

As said above, there are various ways to make money with a blog. The number of ways is unlimited. But the basic ways most of us know of is displaying ads on our site specifically AdSense ads and affiliate marketing.

So, we shall only discuss five ways that a blog can make money.

Displaying of ads

The basic way to make money with a blog is by signing up with an ad network to display ads on your site — so you can make money on ad impressions and clicks from your visitors. They’ll give you a code to place on your site and that’s all. Ads will start to display on your site.

Basically, most bloggers prefer Google AdSense ads to be placed on their sites. Because Adsense ads are owned by Google and there’s much trust in terms of payments. But there are other trustworthy ad networks that you can monetize your blog with such as Propeller ads, and Ezoic ads. There are lots of them on the web to sign up as a publisher.

Also, AdSense is highly trusted though there are many restrictions and your account can be banned when you go against the rules. You need to meet certain requirements before you can use AdSense ads on your site.

Like, you would have to have at least 30 blog posts with not less than 1,000 words each and a certain amount of traffic of about 1,000 pageviews in the last 30 days. However, AdSense is unpredictable. They at times accept blogs of below 30 articles as well as 1,000 words and traffic is not an exception.

So to monetize your blog with AdSense, try to meet the basic requirement as stated above to avoid several rejections. Many bloggers can tell you to wait for about 3 months before you can be accepted by AdSense but it’s never true. No one can predict AdSense accurately.

You can monetize a blog with more than one ad network to make money. It does not necessarily mean monetizing your blog with only one ad network. You may check out other ad networks too.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to monetize a blog to make money. Some bloggers only build their brands based on affiliate marketing recommending other people’s products to earn commissions. They earn a commission through their unique affiliate links when someone clicks to make a purchase from their affiliate networks — at no additional cost to the one who purchases the products. Most of these bloggers don’t use Ads on their websites.

But you can use both to monetize your blog. While ad networks are serving ads on your site, you can register with other affiliate networks like Amazon among others to recommend their products on your site to earn commissions.

Most bloggers prefer affiliate product recommendations on their sites because it helps them make more money. Unlike ads that you earn in cents, you earn more from affiliate products.

However, it’s never easy building an affiliate website to make money. You would have to write great content and not just great content but SEO content to make affiliate sales from your visitors. Because visitors from Google, that’s organic visitors turn to convert compared to other sources.

People searching on Google to land on your website are likely to click on your affiliate links to make a purchase.

Building an affiliate website is the best as said earlier. But it takes time to yield results to make you money. You can start with ads as well as recommending other people’s products or services to earn affiliate commissions.

Sponsored posts are other ways you can monetize your blog to make money.

These are ads from other people requesting you to place their products or services on your site in which you’ll charge them for money. They’re explicitly sponsored as an advertisement to reflect the popularity of the companies they’re referred to, to create brand awareness.

However for your blog to qualify for sponsored posts, there must be a high volume of traffic on your website. And that traffic must be consistent or with a low rate of traffic variations.

Once your website starts to generate more visitors consistently, brands may reach out to you for sponsored posts to create awareness of their brands. In fact, you’ll make a lot of money from sponsoring other brands on your website.

But to qualify your blog to generate consistent monthly visits to get more sponsored post offers to make money, you must practice SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). You have to optimize your content for SEO to help you get free and consistent traffic from Google.

SEO is not easy though but you would have to learn it to help you optimize your content for search engines to help you make money. You would have to spend money to learn it ( recommended ) or take a free SEO course to learn and replicate it to get more traffic. It will help you to create content that Google loves using low competition keywords. You may use free tools like Ubersuggest and SEMRUSH for your keyword research.

Hosting and teaching an online course

Ways of making money with your blog are endless as stated earlier. And this is one of the ways to monetize your blog to make money.

Yes. If you’re already inclined in a particular field of knowledge, you can host and deliver that knowledge on your blog to make money.

Or you can opt-in to learn a particular skill as you continue to blog to help you monetize that knowledge to make money leveraging your audience.

In fact, as you continue to blog, you’ll be equipped with steady knowledge in your niche through much research and advice from other bloggers. This can help you to summarize the content of all your blog posts into a single pot to deliver as a course to make money.

Better still, you can give any of your friends a chance to host and deliver their course through your site to help you earn a commission whenever someone opt-in for the course.

This is indeed a passive income. This will continue to generate more income over and over again if only it’s quality and solves the problems of your students. You would only have to be updating the content of the course to always meet the demands of the system since people may not be interested in taking outdated courses.

Sell your own products

Selling your own products on your blog is one way by which you can make money from your blog. That’s if you already have some products to use your blog as a medium to reach your audience to make sales.

You can create digital products like ebooks to sell on your blog to make money.

Or as I always advise, you may take a course from a site like Udemy to acquire knowledge and create a product in respective to sell and make money. Your blog is your business. If you treat it as a full-time business, it’ll yield profits. But take it as a side hustle business from the beginner and focus fully on it when it starts to make money.

Also in regards to selling your own products on your site, you can outsource to sites like Upwork and Fiverr to get you a product to sell on your blog. There’s a passive income in this. If you’d love to get an ebook and sell it on your blog to make money but have no time to write, just hire people from Upwork or Fiverr to do that for you. Once the digital product is finished and delivered to you, you’ll continue to earn money over and over again from that. That’s a passive income, right?

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How to start a blog in Ghana that makes money

Blogging is a business. In fact, it’s most people’s profession now. But it does not require any level of education to acquire. Anybody who can read and write is probably qualified into the blogosphere to blog and make money.

But, most Ghanaians see blogging in a different way which does not make them money blogging in the long run. Some make money though but not enough to help them live their dream lives.

This is because most of the blogs are in the news niche and monetized with only AdSense ads. Everyone is trying to enter into the news niche in one country of the population who’s not much interested in online opportunities. How would they then get much traffic to make money in Ghana? I know there are Ghanaian bloggers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month though.

Most fail to blog because they start their blogs on a free platform either on or There are limits to making money with a free blog. Blogging is a business and you must treat it as such to make money blogging.

You need a self-hosted blog to have all the means to make money with your blog. And to decide how to make money with it too. Stormerhost is one of the best Ghanaian web hosting companies with a cheap price to register a domain name and a free Hosting and SSL certificate for a whole year at only GHS60/year. very cheap right?

If interested to start your blogging business today, then don’t hesitate to register your domain name with Stormerhost now. They have a one-click WordPress installation. And you can contact us to assist you in creating a blog that makes the most money in Ghana at only GHS300 using our contact page.

How to become a successful blogger in Ghana

To become a successful blogger and make full-time income blogging, you must understand the job market of blogging. You don’t just write anything that comes into your mind with titles of your choice to get traffic and make money.

But you need to write quality content and not just quality content but SEO content. A content that will deliver great value to your audience to keep visiting your site as often as possible.

Bloggers make money out of the content they create through their visitors. Therefore, you must focus on SEO rather than social media traffic to help you get more and free consistent traffic to make money.

Subsequently, you’re to practice SEO from the beginner of your blogging to help you know how to target low competition keywords to rank well on Google. When you write content that ranks in Google, then that’s a piece of great news.

Google will continue to drive massive and consistent traffic to your website. And this will help you to become successful in your business to make the most money blogging. You can take a free SEO course as well to get some knowledge to start your blogging business.

And you can use SEO-free tools like Ubersuggest and SEMRUSH for your SEO keyword research — to help you get low competition keywords you can create content that can easily be ranked on Google’s first page to get you more organic traffic.

Also, if you want me and my team to help you with your SEO course, then you can contact us using our contact page at only GHS200. We’ll take you through how to create content that Google loves. SEO traffic is your business’s success!

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2. Make money vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube is one of the ways to make money online in Ghana.

YouTube’s community is getting large and larger. And more individuals like you keep making consistent money on YouTube by only establishing themselves and their knowledge to make money. What you need is quality videos with little YouTube SEO. You also need a camera to record a quality video and you can buy one from Amazon now.

The home of many individuals now is YouTube. Some Ghanaian YouTubers do makeover GHS1000 daily on YouTube for which you can too. You can show your face on camera or choose not to show your face and still make money. What’s most needed is the quality of your videos and how they can solve the problems of your viewers to keep returning to your channel to watch your videos.

Also, you must be consistent in uploading videos on YouTube and always remember to include a Call To Action ( CTA ) probably throughout the course of the video — not too often but frequently.

But you would have to meet certain monetization requirements to be accepted by YouTube into its partner program. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months before you can monetize your channel with YouTube to make money — social media can help you meet that in no time by creating and sending your video links and informing them to subscribe.

Nevertheless, the amount earned on YouTube is dependent on factors of location. YouTube pays between $2 and $7 per 1,000 views. And you can earn higher on viewers from countries like the United States than viewers from Ghana. So, create content that can benefit everyone worldwide to help you make more money. Remember consistency on YouTube is your success key!

3. Make money teaching people online

Are you with a skill that other people may be interested in? Or are you good at helping people solve a particular problem within your vicinity?
Whichever knowledge you have, you can teach online in Ghana to make money. Even if it’s about how to prepare a particular meal.

Just organize your knowledge. Site down to draft everything on paper step by step. Create a webinar meeting like on Zoom with a title that reflects your brand or field of thought. Schedule the meeting to occur as often as you want and lock the meeting with a passcode.

Or if you have no skill and actually don’t know what to teach people, do research on YouTube to find something interesting. Learn it from YouTube free or take a course on to polish your knowledge to go live to make money.

In fact, you’ll continue to make money from that until you give up. That’s a passive income working online from home in Ghana. You may also create social media groups to let people know about your skill. And that’s where you’re going to make the most money.

Charge for webinar sign-up fees like GHS50/person. And if 10 people sign up to be taken your course, that’s GHS500 in passive income. Remember to give out free stuff to get more people to be interested to sign up. Humans like free things, generally.

Also, spend time breaking down the course into several subheadings and it should be quality. If it can reach people in the outside world, advertise your brand to go viral. This will continue to yield income every month. Do structure your course to let your subscribers pay for a fixed amount every month until they cancel. This will help you to make consistent income online.

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4. Make money trading crypto

Crypto trading or Bitcoin trading by yourself, is one way by which you can make money online in Ghana.

There’s a lot of money in trading digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that have the potential to make anyone rich within a few years of trading in the currencies. If you don’t know what cryptocurrencies are, then refer to our post on the basics of cryptocurrencies.

But don’t join individuals or companies asking you to invest your money with them to trade for you. Because of the rate of scams hovering all over the internet.

That’s not the aim of this article. The aim of this article is to teach you and guide you to learn to trade digital currencies by yourself. And that’s it, nothing else. There are more advantages to making you more money than leveraging companies to trade for you.

Regards to that, you’re to take a course in crypto trading. You can invest a little amount into yourself to acquire the course from Amazon crypto experts. Or learn from those teaching how to trade in the currencies for free. Your free course can be acquired on a site like IG Academy.

After you’ve acquired the knowledge in crypto trading, prepare to be rich in a few years to come. Friends and relatives can invest with you to trade for them for profits and in turn, you all make a profit. Excellent!

Yes. I love to make money so do I not joke with knowledge. You spent money and time learning something, right? Why not replicate the knowledge to make more money? Go ahead to launch and teach a course in the knowledge you’ve acquired. Hallelujah!

5. Sell your unused items

Are you having some items or materials in your home without using them? Or your item repository is full such that you can’t truly specify some unused items? Why are all those headaches in your home always starving?

One reason most of us continue to be poor is the frequent acquisition of material things. Always use the little money we have to buy things that we don’t even use. Nonsense right?

There’s time to make money and there’s time to acquire or welcome material things into our home. If you prefer to buy material things before making money, you’ll continue to be poor because of distortion in a better life sequence.

So your task now is to audit your home, to find out items that are not in use and rather creating problems in the house for sale. Assemble them to be sold to invest the money in yourself to acquire a skill by leveraging either any of our recommendations above.

You can then prioritize making money first and buy those items later when you’re financially free. Think of making money first and not just money-making but a business to keep bringing in money to you at all times. Start a business online in Ghana today to make money and forget about jobs. There’s nothing in jobs to make you live the life you always dream of. After you’re retired from a job, you’ll understand this saying.

One of the online sites to list your items for sale in Ghana is List your unused items now for sale to use the money to start a business. Empty your home today to refill it in many folds tomorrow!

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6. Acquire a skill online to make money

Giving you everything in various ways to enable you to establish yourself online in Ghana to make money is my priority. This is one of the ways on how to make money online in Ghana. You can’t look for a way to make money online without having something to deliver. You must do something to make money. Don’t look for making money quick schemes, NO. You’ll be defrauded and you’ll continue to live broke.

So if you already have a skill then great. But if you don’t, strive to acquire one. There are several courses online to take and replicate to make money. Udemy is one of the popular sites to launch and take a course in any field. You acquire one skill now to help you replicate to make money.

Particular skill to learn and make money is absolutely up to you. I don’t know your interest. But whatever that may interest you, is on the web to learn about. And knowledge acquired in any field can be replicated to make money.

There’s a passive income in acquiring a particular knowledge. That’s why we were deceived to go to school to obtain good jobs. But we had the knowledge in academies and where are the good jobs? Or how much are those with good jobs earning without bribery and corruption?

Once you acquire the skill on Udemy or anywhere on the web, launch it online probably on the same Udemy to make money. But you can launch it online and offline anywhere to make money. Lanching on social media is not an exception. And remember to always make available free stuff to get more people in your course to make money.

7. Write and sell ebooks

Most of us think book writings are for some particular people. Anyone can write and sell ebooks online to make money. In fact, this is the easiest way to make money online in Ghana. If you can’t write an ebook by yourself, I’ve equally got you covered.

However, I equally believe that since you can read and write, there are chances you can write an ebook to sell. Because there’s a particular parcel of knowledge in you that nobody has in this entire world irrespective of who taught you.

The fact of today is very basic. People are more interested in reading online stuff using their mobile phones as well as laptops and desktops among others than reading physical books. This is an opportunity. Selling informative and educative ebooks online today can help you make lots of money online in Ghana.

Furthermore, if your ebook can be of benefit to people in the outside world, then you can make over GHS1000 daily online in Ghana selling ebooks. So imagine how much you could be making online every month in a passive income.

The task now is to research online like on Amazon to know the ebooks that people are buying most — to help you write an ebook that will generate more sales. And one way is also to buy some of those ebooks to read to steal some of the ideas to help you deliver your best in your ebook. You may check out some of those ebooks on Amazon now.

But if you still don’t know what to write about and how to write ebooks to sell, I’ll advise you to outsource your work. Hire people on sites like Upwork and Fiverr to write one for you to launch on Amazon to start selling to make money.

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8. Join friends to create an online store

Having an online store is one way by which you can make money online in Ghana. However, you need to invest an amount of money into the business to help you make money. And here’s the case you don’t have money. Or the amount you have is insufficient to help you procure all expenses in acquiring an online store.

So, why not join your little money with friends and relatives to get an online store up and running? Even Facebook which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, other friends and relatives have shares in the revenue.

Despite all challenges in the process, most of them are not your headache. Like products to sell on your website and how they can get to the consumers. You don’t have to create the products by yourself and even involve in the shipments of the products.

The products are only to be displayed on your website. Your visitors click on the products and they’re taken to your affiliate partner’s website. And once they make a purchase, you get a commission. Some affiliate networks you can partner with to display their products on your websites are Amazon and Shopify.

Indeed, you’re going to be making a passive income once your online store is up and running. You only need to learn and apply SEO to help your online store appear in search engines to help you get more organic visitors. Organic visitors from Google are more likely to buy your products to help you earn commissions than other sources. Pinterest is also not an exception.

However, you may also outsource your work to us. That’s if you’re interested but don’t know how to go about it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you to create an online store in Ghana that makes the most money.

9. Use social media to make money

If you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest and laziest ways on how to make money online in Ghana, then this might be probably for you.

But this can’t help you to make more money now as you may be eager to. It’ll later. You won’t have to invest much to make money. The investment here is time and it’s not a way to make quick money too. I don’t teach about making quick money. Nobody will be willing to share his hard-earned money with you for free. You must strive and starve to make money. I don’t believe in that and I know they don’t exist. Good!

Now, the first method is to create an Instagram account. You can create one here if you already don’t have one. Once your account is created, engage to grow your followers. Be consistent to grow large Instagram followers through frequent posting on your page.

After acquiring more followers, register to become a part of the Amazon Associate program. When your application is accepted by Amazon, you’ll then have access to all the products available on Amazon to promote. Search for products you think your audience will be interested in and keep promoting on your page. Once they click to buy on Amazon, you make a commission. You may also sell your space to companies to promote their products and services.

The second method is to negotiate with anyone selling physical products in your vicinity. Negotiate the rate of commission you’ll earn when you refer people and they buy from their store. Once there’s an agreement, take photos of products you’re interested in. Display them on social media preferably on Whatsapp status. You’ll then make commissions when your friends find the products on your status and they’re interested in buying.

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10. Resist all negativity

These are final thoughts and advice but not a money-making point. I’ve just included it to clear your mind and to also help you to get impacted with a positive mindset by resisting all negativity — to help you focus your mind to well establish yourself online in Ghana to make money.

Ghana is a country with many negative thoughts when it comes to online opportunities. And you must resist those negative thoughts from people before getting yourself established online to make money.

Every online money-making opportunity to many Ghanaians is a scam and fraud. When you’re honestly making money online, they’ll tag you as a fraudster. I know what I’m telling you because I am an example.

So, to establish an online business in Ghana and make money, you must not listen to those negative people. Get into association with those who are very positive when it comes to online money-making and opportunities. Those who can help you establish a steady online business that will keep bringing you income over and over again.

And remember to be consistent in whichever online business you choose to start with to get results. It’s never easy to establish your online business and make money. But once you start to make money, you’ll love the online world.

I’m determined to help many Ghanaians establish online businesses. Because our economy is getting hard and harder. No available jobs for the youths and graduates. And this is why I took my time to write this long article to reach out to you. I’m not much interested in your views as other bloggers do by giving you quick ways to make money online in Ghana which I don’t think works best for you. “Galamsey” for the youths to make some money is…


As said earlier, this article is published to help many Ghanaians who are in desperate need of how to establish an online business. Those who’re looking for ways on how they can make money online in Ghana, part-time or full-time legitimately.

And it’s absolutely not for those who’re looking for ways on how to make quick money online in Ghana.

All the ways discussed above are legitimate to help anyone not only Ghanaians but all people across the world to leverage to make honest money online. Just focus on these methods to make money from the comfort of your own home to help you live your dreams.

The comment section is open for anyone to ask us questions. And if you really love the information in this article, share it using the sharing buttons below to reach many Ghanaians. This will help many to establish an online business in Ghana to live in freedom. Let’s unite to change poverty in Ghana!

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