Save money apps: 16 proven apps to save money

Earning money is difficult for everyone, no matter the work or the business you do. Hence, we all need ways to save part of the monies that we make by leveraging online money-saving apps to handle the stress involved in the process. And this article outlines 16 proven save money apps to save you money on your daily activities that earn you money.

Also, we’ve done all the research that you ought to make to get you the easiest ways to save money by leveraging online apps. Some of the apps serve the role for all professions such as apps for nurses and even college students apps to save money on their online shopping.

Additionally, they are free apps that will save money for you. Some will automate your money-saving process by reminding you through notifications and also undertake the necessary steps for you.

Because it’s the fact that we used not to be honest in our money savings. We do cheat ourselves by claiming to be saving money. Honestly, it’s true! But these apps will help you to even cancel unnecessary subscriptions to help you save money.

To make things easy and convenient for you, we’ve grouped the money-saving apps into three. Thus, apps that save money for you, save money on groceries apps and save money shopping apps.

Save money apps

Apps that save money for you

As indicated earlier above, this category outlines apps that save money for you. These money-saving apps will help you to save money without too much stress when you’re to use the traditional ways of money-saving.

Additionally, these money-saving websites or apps are password protected and you don’t have to worry about security at all. I stated because I know you will be worrying about the security of your money. We all love money and don’t want to lose money right?

The apps below are for all levels of professions and it does not matter what you do before earning money. They are apps for nurses, college students, small business owners, freelancers, families and more to save money.

1. Halfdollar

This is one of the great money-saving apps out there that makes budgeting easy for everyone.

Notwithstanding, this app makes budgeting so easy for everyone including individuals, couples and businesses or business owners.

How you earn a living does not get complicated using this free money-saving app. It’s a super and very simple app that works excellent regards of your income.

Halfdollar is easy and flexible for any type of business being a part-time job, freelance work or anything that generates income for you.

The app makes it flexible to input lots of income sources you have. And it easily tracks exactly what you’re spending your money on from months to months.

And its features makes it work great for couples as well as business owners.

The app is good for even nurses to get comprehensive spending of their salaries because of its features.

This super easy and flexible money-in and money-out tool are great for anyone obsessed with money-saving apps with lots of features. I really recommend it as one of your budgeting apps out there.

2. Digit

If you’re looking for a money-saving app that has the ability to monitor your bank account to save you money, then this app is for you.

I guess, Digit might be one of your favourite and simplest money-saving apps you might have ever used.

The connection between your bank account and this app is secured. You don’t have to worry about security here at all.

When you connect your bank account to Digit, it’ll check and analyze your spending and income to easily help you get rid of small amounts of money that you don’t need for bills or daily expenses.

Your account is checked day by day and within the days, an amount usually from $5 and above will be transferred from your checking account to a Digit savings account. Interesting right?

This money-saving app makes everything simple for you. If you don’t see the money transferred, it means you won’t spend it and the app capitalizes on that schedule to let you save more money of what you earn. You can give it a try to save more money.

Also, knowing how to save money and the importance of saving money matters most. Save that money now to secure your family’s future and the future of your generations yet unborn.

3. Truebill

Hahaha! Hope everything is getting interesting as you learn how to save more money and apps to help you do the savings easily without much stress.

Frankly, if you’re looking for money-saving apps that can help you save money on your bills, then Truebill is definitely for you.

This app has the ability to find all your paid subscriptions and cancels them with only a click. Joyful right!

There are more for you. Wait! Truebill has got covered.

As I said earlier, the app is designed to automatically scan your online statements to identify your subscriptions.

The app also gives you a monthly report of changes in your subscription fees.

And if you decide there’s a subscription service you no longer need, you have the option to cancel it with a click.

You may subscribe to free trials and if you’ve forgotten to cancel the free trials, or still paying for an already subscribed plan that you don’t use anymore, the app will hold it up to help you save money by changing your plan. Here, you can cancel it permanently too.

4. Budgt

As the name connotes but removed the letter ‘e’, this is your budgeting app to save lots of money.

The app is one of the simplest money-saving apps to help you budget without doing any difficult work in the process.

Because it always keeps track of your budget. And it creates a new budget for you every single day regarding how much money you’ve spent already in the course of the month.

With the usage of this app, you’re to set up your budgeting goals. Thus your recurring and one-time expenses.

And this app will analyze to tell you how much money you’ve left to spend daily.

Using Budgt app, will not let you overspend money. You can check and weigh your daily budget to avoid overspending your money.

Saving money with Budgt app will help you know your budgeting standards at all times.

5. Clarity Money

Clarity Money has some features similar to Truebill but there are great differences too.

Because, both can lower your bills, enable you to cancel subscriptions and help you save money by creating a savings account.

However, Clarity Money is built with in-depth artificial intelligence to improve data collection to help you take full control over your finances.

Compared to Truebill, Clarity Money analyzes to find wasteful subscriptions and cancel them to help lower your expenses on bills. It will also find better credit cards for you to help you save money.

Clarity Money is great for long term money savings plans. You can target by saving in a particular savings account should you decide to save money for the purchase of anything like a house or car.

Yes, the very interesting fact about this money-saving app is that it alerts you at all times if you’re overspending in a particular area of your targeted budget. You’ll just love using this app for your future money savings plans and what you intend to do with the savings.

6. Qapital

As humans, we love things that can be done automatically to save us more time–to help us find time to enjoy things we love with our loved ones.

And yes, this app makes everything for you. It’s built to operate in saving your money automatically. It makes savings easy and automatic.

You don’t need to worry about small amounts–as it often and automatically sets aside small amounts of money that you don’t need for bills or daily expenses.

Saving money has never been easier or saving money following a routine of daily, weekly or monthly. The flexibility of this app is that you have the option to define your savings to round up the change on each purchase, cut back when buying things, or spend less on your budget and more.

You can also set aside a regular percentage deduction for taxes every time you get paid.

7. Mint

Mint is one of the best money-saving apps among personal finance apps.

There’s no need to worry about the tracking of your accounts since everything is included in the app.

Mint allows you to keep track of all your financial activities from all your acquired accounts such as savings, checking and probably retirement accounts.

Your every transaction is automatically recorded as well as categorized.

As a money-saving app, the Mint app makes it a priority to make note of your expenses pattern and creates a budget to help you save more money.

There’s high security on this money-saving website and app. So don’t have to worry about the security of the app since you can deactivate access from your cell phone across Mint’s website.

Try it and you’ll love it. It’s great to keep the overall financial health of your money.

8. BillTracker

This app tracks all your bills and subscriptions.

It’s compatible to track your water bills, either car payment and your cell phone subscriptions.

It’s a great app from SnapTap. The app tracks all bills so that you don’t miss a single bill payment.

Security is high with this great money-saving app as well. And you don’t have to worry about due dates as it gives you notifications for impending payments–and as well allows you to keep track of all amount totals in one place.

9. You Need A Budget ( YNAB )

The incredible name of the money-saving app highlights its significance. You need a budget indeed to save money for tomorrow and for unexpected events–as well as your relocation ( your own house ) and purchase of a new car. All this can’t be achieved without a budget.

The interface of YNAB is friendly and easy to use for your budget.

YNAB operates in a way that you’ll love so much when using it. Because its aim is to change your ways of money management and to relieve too much financial stress.

The app is great to save you more money if you’re finding ways to change your finances–and to gain a clearer understanding of your finances.

If that’s your will, then you need to invest money to acquire the app to help you save more money. It’s great to help you save money–purchasing it will skyrocket your investment.

10. QuickBooks

I guess you might have known this app because it’s one of the most popular finance apps out there.

As the role of some of the money-saving apps discussed above, QuickBooks is not an exception. It takes track of your bills, your business accounts, your taxes, your payroll and many more.

This app’s goal is to help you save and manage your money as well as managing your credit.

In fact, this app is mostly used by finance professionals because of its comprehensive accounting and analytical features.

Some business owners prefer this app and it might be the choice for your business needs too–to save money or use it for complicated financial management needs.

Save money on Groceries apps

Grocery shopping apps help you to save money through coupons to lower the cost of your purchases. So, if you’re looking for apps to save money on your groceries, these apps below will help you to save money on your grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping usually gets complex. This is because you must make lists, do research and more in order of best offers for lowest prices on the market.

However, the internet has taken care of the stressful and costly nature of grocery shopping through mobile apps to assist you to shop for your groceries easily and to save money.

Grocery shopping apps are for everyone including college students to save money on their online shopping to save money. In fact, it’s ideally college students apps to save money.

Moreover, grocery shopping apps are also for low-income families to help them save money to be used on other things. The fact is, online shopping saves money and everyone must leverage it to save more money.

11. Grocery iQ

As the name defines, the Grocery iQ app helps to save money on your groceries as well as to put your grocery budget under control.

Grocery iQ app helps you to find millions of grocery products in the app database through several ways such as voice recognition or barcode scanning.

The app has a store locator feature and offers coupons to help you save money on your groceries shopping.

12. SavingStar

SavingStar app is also one of the great grocery shopping apps but to get rewards, you must have loyalty cards.

It’s a digital coupon app for many grocery stores and probably drugstores that’s connected to your store loyalty cards.

To get a reward, you must choose the digital coupons that you want to use and it’s applied to your loyalty card. And you earn cash when you reach probably $5 in savings. Great to help you save money right? Enjoy!

13. Flipp

If you’re looking for a great meal planning app, then the Flipp app is probably for you.

You can very well create shopping lists and clip items that you’d want to buy. You can use it to find the best prices of items and those that are on sale.

In fact, to most of you, I recommend Flipp for your grocery shopping because of its money-saving feature on groceries–and the ability to search for coupons and make shopping lists.

Subsequently, when you first download the app, you would have to provide your zip code to enable you to choose from the stores that you often make your grocery shopping such as ALDI, Walmart and more.

Save money shopping apps

Generally, humans like free things as well as easy ways to make or save money when it comes to shopping. You love to save money when you shop online as well as I do. So, we’ve researched to give the best save money shopping apps to help you save few dollars when you shop online.

Some ways to save money when shopping online is by using available coupons to reduce the actual price of the items you’d want to buy. And these are apps are going to do everything as exactly as you love. They’ll provide you with coupons as well as making your online shopping very easy and flexible. Below are the apps to help you save money when you shop online.

14. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the free apps that allows online shoppers to earn honest and genuine money for shopping.

There are a variety of different offers in the products gallery that you can choose from. You would have to browse for the different offers in the product gallery to choose the ones you’re interested in.

Anytime you successfully complete a task such as sharing on Facebook or watching a video, pending cash will be added to your account that can be redeemed once you purchased the product from one of the retailers as partners of Ibotta.

When you successfully purchased and it’s verified, your pending cash is placed into your PayPal account or usually turned into gift cards.

15. RetailMeNot

If you’re eagerly looking for thousands of coupons to save money shopping online, then RetailMeNot has got you covered.

You can browse coupons and deals from various sections such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, J Crew, Starbucks and more. You’re to save your interested coupons for convenient access and you’ll be also notified through notifications for coupon expiration dates. Sounds excellent right?

Additionally, you can as well browse for deals at the next stores and you don’t have to print out the coupons. Just show up everything from your cell phone at the registrar. Sounds simple!

16. Trolley Saver

Trolley Saver is a free shopping app to save money on shopping for things like food, fruits vegetables and all grocery items you can think of.

There are always special offers from major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and more to be found.

The app is good for families and low-income individuals to save money shopping for all their groceries.

One feature of this app is that it shows you how much you can save when you browse the app grocery store. This is a free app to make real money and to save money on your grocery shopping. Do always set alerts for offers of products you’re interested in.

We highly believe that the save money apps discussed above will help you to save more money in order to fulfil your dreams by buying your dream luxuries. Right! You can also check one of our posts on free apps to make real money

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