10 side hustles to make money online

We’re all these days stuck in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic which we in turns need sideways to make money online even when staying at home.

Today, we’re going to learn 10 solid ways by which we can make money online as a side hustle or full-time money-making to those who have nothing to do at the moment as a result of circumstances.

Your obligation is to take action in whichever money-making way or ways we’ll recommend. Everything is absolutely at your own risk either taking an action or sit back and wait for others to succeed.

Here are the 10 side hustles to make money online;

1. Become a social media manager

The existence of the internet has made everything possible and easy than before. More opportunities are available to everyone no matter the geographic location to make money online full-time or part-time.

A social media manager is someone with social media handling skills and that is accepted as a manager to manage a social media account for a company or an organization to get paid for the service.

Social media managers are in higher demand these days. Big companies out there are just looking for people with skill in social media to manage their social media accounts. These companies don’t have the time in managing their accounts and are willing to pay a high amount to interested ones to manage their social media accounts on their behaves.

There are thousands of social media manager jobs out there and you can find lots of them here. You can apply to so many companies to become a manager so that you can make more money managing a lot.

2. Tutor online

You may have the skill of tutoring, right? why not join thousands of tutoring online websites to start digesting your knowledge to get paid?

Tutoring online is one of the best side hustle jobs to make money right from your home as even a full-time tutor. You can set your own hours aside from your day to day job and apply to become a tutor online to a tutoring company like Studypool. We’ve discussed more on tutoring online in one of our post which you can it out to apply and start making up to $7,500 per month by just tutoring online.

3. Become a website designer

Web designers are in higher demand these days since every company and individual wants their products or services online to reach more audience for more sales. This is a great opportunity for website designers. Because these companies or individuals want their products or services to be on the internet but have no knowledge as to how to design it or manage it.

Once you’ve designed a website for any of these companies or individuals, you’ll continue to earn passive income from their service since you’re the same person to keep managing their website. This is a passive income.

However, if you don’t know how to design a website and keep making passive income from your work, then you’re advised to head over to Udemy to take a cheap course in website designing. You’ll get a certificate at the end of the course that you can use to apply to any available web design vacancy. Or register on Fiverr with a cool price to start making more money right away.

4. Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the places numerous individuals are making passive income. You can also join them on YouTube to start making a passive income as others are making.

You may probably have a nice voice or important educative ideas which others all over the world are looking up to from you. Create a YouTube channel to start pursuing your career.

People are making six figures to seven figures per month just from YouTube without showing off their faces and you can too. If you’re somebody who may not want others to be watching your face in your videos or showing off on camera, then you’re strongly advised to go faceless.

Others are also making money on YouTube by leveraging other people’s videos. They never created a single video of their own yet they are making consistent money from YouTube. There are more copyright-free videos on YouTube that you can download and do small editing to upload onto your channel to make money.

However, there are several people on YouTube offering faceless YouTube channel courses which you can take to know how best to leverage other people’s videos to make money on YouTube. You can search them on YouTube, take their courses to begin your channel and wait to see how to skyrocket your account.

5. Become a blogger

Blogging is one of the ways you can make money online as a side hustle initially from home that you can depend fully on it when it grows. Having a blog will enable you to deliver the unique God-given knowledge to help others solve their everyday problems.

Your Income Forum where you’re reading this exact article is a blog dedicated to helping people to make money online to live their dreams on earth. You can as well have a blog in a particular niche to deliver your knowledge through it to people to get paid for your effort. A blog in any niche can make you money. It only depends on your content and how much traffic you get to your blog.

Starting is absolutely the problem since you may be wondering about your niche, what to write about and probably where to host your website or blog. You cannot sit back to say that you can’t write about anything. Start slow and with time, there would be more ideas to write about. You only need to focus on your niche and write everything around it.

We recommend Stormerhost for your blog as a beginner because it has every hosting plan that you can choose from. Choose WordPress hosting for your blog on Stormerhost. Their service is the best and you don’t have to worry about the loading speed of your site. You’ll only have to pay for hosting which can cost you only $10/year and you can get everything for free including SSL Certificate.

6. Review books for money

You can be paid to just share your opinion on books. There are websites where you can review numerous books per day to get paid by just doing that.

They’ll give you the book for free to read and share your opinion on the book with them and you’re paid for that. Most websites offer this for free and you don’t have to pay any money before doing that. It’s absolutely free of charge.

This may not make you rich overnight or make you a lot of money reviewing books but can help you make money as a side hustle from your home. You can register for one of the websites here where you’ll be paid to just share your opinion on books.

7. Become a freelancer

Freelancers are making money nowadays more than full-time workers and you can also make money freelancing online. Freelancers have no boss nor manager to guide them as to what to do before they’re been paid. Everybody can make money freelancing online as a side hustle job from your home or aside from your job.

Fiverr is one of the freelancing job providing companies out there on the internet that everybody with a particular skill can register with them to start delivering their ‘gigs’ for money. You can learn by taking a particular course on Udemy to get a certificate and skill in your field to make money freelancing online.

Just hover now to Fiverr or any company to start your freelancing job for more money. There are endless as to how much money you can make freelancing online.

8. Publish music online

Are you gifted with a melodious voice that can inspire, motivate or encourage people? Why not making and publishing your music online to reach a large audience as a side hustle from home to make more money?

You can make money just uploading your own music online like on YouTube or other related sites to make money. It does not necessarily mean you should make and publish your own music. You’re one hundred per cent allowed to leverage two or more of other people’s music to make money online as a side hustle job.

Just learn their songs if you probably don’t have more already in the head. Sing and record them. It can be audio or video depending on your preferences. Edit them and upload them onto probably your YouTube channel to make money.

9. Play online games

Playing online games is one of the ways by which you can make money online as a side hustle job from home. What is needed on your part is to register with more of the online game playing websites in order to get more money doing that.

This will not make you more money but just play for fun and make side income alongside doing just that. However, you’re advised to register with more to get enough which can help you to solve or pay some or part of your home bills.

Here’s one of the online playing games website that we’ve recommended and you can search for more of them from the internet to register or download the applications to make money playing the games. Registering to play games on these websites is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any money before playing the games.

10. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies had now become the currencies for everyone who’s aiming at having more money to spend now or even in the future. Cryptocurrency is the future. Cryptocurrency is the leading currency.

It’s worth thousands of times investing in cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature. These currencies are increasing day in day out and everyone must take hold of the future of these currencies now to secure their financial lives for the future.

We’ve discussed more cryptocurrency investment and how best to understand the currencies as well as the legit companies to invest with. You can check them out here to learn more about the currencies and the need to start taking hold of the future of these currencies through an investment.

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