5 ways to establish yourself online to make money

The gold mine internet is available to everyone who thinks of establishing himself or herself online to make money. Making money online has been easier than before to some but to others, it’s very difficult. WHY is money-making on the internet today easier for some people and difficult for others?

Well. This can be true in two cases of each. Some people are making money online because they can envision the future of online money making and they take action in achieving that. But others are not making any money online because they don’t have the premonition of online opportunities and think every online opportunity is a scam.

The fact of today can’t be changed no matter the rate of scams. People are always online looking for opportunities as well as information to equip them with knowledge in order to find life easier. Just take action on any of the ways we’re going to discuss and wait to see the result in the near future. Taking every online opportunity as a scam or thinking the internet is not the right place to start a business is absolutely not true and it’s at your own risk by not leveraging it.

Just take action to establish yourself online to make money.

Here are the 5 ways to establish yourself online to make money

1. Create an online course

Online courses are the patronized courses today and the rate of making money with online courses is increasing exponentially compared to the traditional system of courses. The internet has made it easier and thus sharing your knowledge online is one of the ways to establish yourself online to make money. You can establish yourself to make money online as an expert already in a particular niche or not yet an expert in any niche. If you’re not an expert yet in any niche, then you should take any course now on Udemy to gain knowledge and monetize that knowledge now for more money.

Create and sell your course on Udemy or can sell to your audience on your website if you already have enough of them. If your audience alone can’t meet your target then hover to get yourself established on Udemy. There are endless as to how much you can earn from your course if it only solves the problems of others.

To be successful in delivering your course on Udemy, then you would have to watch other courses in your niche to know exactly what is answered correctly and what’s not answered correctly. This will enable you to create content that will solve the biggest complaints of students hence giving you the chance to earn more.

Also, note that the platform to sell your course determines how much money you can make. When you’re selling your course on Udemy, you don’t have to worry much about how to promote it since Udemy does everything for you. But you would have to do everything by yourself if you’re hosting the course on your own website and promoting it either through your email list.

2. Become a writer

Are you a writer willing to take your writing to the next level? Or probably writing for your pleasure to meet the demand of few people? Whichever it may be, you need to advertise and establish yourself online to meet the large global community to profit from your effort.

Numerous brands online are looking for great content creators to create more contents in order to be paid. You only need to be an expert in a niche before you can be accepted since they don’t want content creators that write about everything without focusing their content on a single niche. To be accepted as a content creator by these brands, then you must avoid writing about so many things. Be a writer that focuses and maintains his niche all the time throughout his content.

For example, when you’ve been asked to write about cats and dogs, don’t extend to include lifestyle cases of other people or yourself. Just write and submit only what you’re been asked to write to prove your skill and your expertise to them to enable you to get more offers from them. You must also include links to a writing sample for clarity. These are some of the places to get such opportunities, Blogging Pro and Freelance writing.

3. Test websites and apps

User Interview is the best website to test websites and applications to make money. Your opinion is all that they need and you can make lots of money by reviewing websites and apps.

the requirement is to pass some short tests to be accepted to review websites and apps for money. You can earn more from reviewing websites and apps when you pass the test. With just 20 minutes to test and send your opinion, you could earn $10. And you can earn up to $120 per day by just testing and reviewing websites and apps.

This is just a side hustle to establish yourself online to make money but can refer to this post here to know more about other ways to establish yourself online as a side hustle to make a living online.

4. Become an influencer on Instagram

Building an audience or a large number of people on Instagram to become an influencer is not easy and it takes time too. However, there are endless as to how much you can earn with your large followers once you’ve established that.

Big brands or companies out there are looking for people with a large base of Instagram followers in order to bargain with the account owners to promote their products or services using the owner’s account. Once you get this opportunity, you’re going to make more money and you can also look for these opportunities by yourself via affiliate networks of your choice.

It’s absolutely easy to create an Instagram account. Hover to Instagram now to create an account to start building your following and monetize once you’ve reached a large number of followers.

5. Buy and resell stuff online

Buying and reselling stuff online is another way by which you can establish yourself online to make money. There are companies with low prices on their products that you can buy and resell online to make passive income from just doing that.

Products on Alibaba are very cheap to buy and the same products are very costive on Amazon which is an opportunity for you to make money from that. Gather some money to order products on Alibaba to be shipped over to you. However, shipping a product from Alibaba may take longer at times compared to Amazon.

Once those products are shipped over to your doorstep, create a merchant account on Amazon to start selling your purchased products and you’re just going to make more money reselling those products.

Or create a website and register with Amazon Associates Program to be granted permission to show Amazon products on your website as ads to get paid a commission when someone clicks and buys products from Amazon. Being part of the Amazon Associates Program is the best since you get paid commissions when someone buys different products on Amazon other than what they clicked from your website.

This feature made Amazon the best among the rest. It does not necessarily mean that the person should buy the only or the same product from the link clicked from your website before you’re paid a commission. Any additional or different products the person buys through your link earns you a commission. So I highly recommend Amazon for your online establishment to make money.


We’ve done our best in giving you 5 solid ways by which you can establish yourself online to make money. However, for every point discussed above to take effect, you would have to take the necessary action to cause that into a reality.

This platform is only dedicated to helping people to leverage and make money through the availability of the internet. In that regard, we always do include links to other helpful ways to make a living from the internet in any of our new posts to help you to navigate through. You can click here to read similar ways to establish yourself online to make money. Don’t forget also to use the comment section below to help us to serve you better.

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