What is the Hamster Kombat Building?

Hamster Kombat is a great Blockchain project on a mission to onboard millions of users to Web3. The project currently runs as a Telegram mini-app with over 42 million active players.

It is a shock and exciting to say that Hamster Kombat is growing faster than the speed of light.

So basically, Hamster is the second Bitcoin. Yes, you heard me right. It is the second BTC.

This doesn’t mean it is going to be worth as much as BTC today upon listing, NO.

It just means that they’re building something similar to BTC in terms of mining but in a more revolutionized way.

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How was BTC Mining done, and how is it mined today?

It is just sad that many people don’t know that BTC is currently being mined.

But how was it mined then and what devices were been used? Great! In those days, there were no powerful smartphones like we have today so computers were the only device available for the BTC Mining.

And it was not only just computers but powerful ones. So BTC Mining requires a high computational power for a higher reward.

BTC Mining is continuous to date and those with higher computational powers mine the most BTC.

Before we proceed to compare Hamster Kombat to BTC, just have a look at its current performance across various platforms such as Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter as well as the active players in the game from the screenshot below.

How can Hamster Kombat be compared to BTC Mining?

This is a great question and it’s the reason many people are confused and giving people misinformation.

Comparing the two, Bitcoin is the same as the Hamster coin and the Computational power to mine more BTC is the same as the Hamster Profit Per Hour. As powerful computers are needed to mine BTC, the mining of Hamster coins only requires a smartphone.

I hope this is very clear to everyone!

So saying you’re going to receive your Hamster Kombat airdrop from your Profit Per Hour is false. The coin you’re seeing on your hamster dashboard is the real Hamster coin and your profit per hour is your Computational power to mine more hamster coins.

I hope this makes much sense. Good!

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Should one invest more in buying the Hamster Profit Per Hour Cards?

Absolutely yes! 

Since Hamster is building something similar to BTC, it’s advisable to invest wisely and passively into your future by increasing your profit per hour.

Like in the case of BTC, Hamster Mining will continue and after this Phase, you need the power which is the profit per hour to continue mining more Hamster coins. So the Higher your profit per hour, the higher the Hamster coins you’re going to mine.

What happens to someone who invested in buying more cards and someone who doesn’t?

This is a great question. Well, if you keep your Hamster coins without buying more cards, you’re going to be very happy on the listing day and you can make more or some money too.

And if you use more of your Hamster coins to buy more cards, you’re going to make more or less money on the listing day. However, you’ll continue to earn a passive income from those cards you bought.

Also, if you buy more cards now and are still very active, you’ll mine more hamster coins than someone who doesn’t before the listing day.

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So, what’s my advice on this?

Well, I always advise people to buy more cards so they can continue to earn passive income.

However, I don’t suggest you use all your coins to buy cards. Just buy wisely and reserve some of the coins so you can make some money on the listing day.

So in all, invest wisely, think in terms of passive income, and be active.

Remember, You’re always the CEO of your Hamster Kombat Mining business.

Everyone, build your business with passive income in mind.

This is just my understanding of the Hamster Kombat project and I reserve all rooms for corrections or objections. After all, I’m just a CEO like everyone else and not by any means in affiliation with the project developers or the Core Team.

If you want quick updates on crypto mining projects like Hamster, please don’t hesitate to join one of my WhatsApp groups by clicking here.

Hoping to see everyone becoming successful in building their Hamster business.

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